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first published Mon 25 Jun 2012 13:11
1936: a play about the Berlin Olympics
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1936 by Tom McNab is a thrilling take on the events that led up to the 1936 Olympics. The Berlin Olympics are remembered both for the American Jesse Owens winning five gold medals, and for being a pivotal moment in Hitler’s rise to power.

This remarkable play balances the personal stories of the athletes with the politics and in-fighting leading up to the games, laying bare the greed and unscrupulous ambition of the key players at the time. In London’s own Olympic year, 1936 is a fascinating examination of the political impact of hosting the games at a time when Hitler’s position in Germany was precarious. Hosting the games provided invaluable propaganda for the Nazi movement but presented a moral dilemma for the athletes and other nations involved, aware of Hitler’s treatment of Jewish athletes. The extraordinary power politics are played out by a nine-actor cast, portraying the people whose decisions could have changed history.

The play will be followed by a discussion led by Olympic coach and best-selling author Tom McNab with eminent sports personalities on the panel.

"A powerful, thought provoking, richly rewarding piece of theatre"

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Lilian Baylis Studio at Sadler’s Wells
Rosebery Avenue  London, Greater London EC1R 4TN

"A sharp 90 minutes from fascinating subject matter"
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