Baby ShowDuration 40mins

Unicorn Theatre, Tooley Street, London, United Kingdom, SE1 2HZ

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Baby Show is the Unicorn Theatre's ever-popular sensory performance with captivating images and intriguing sounds that keep little ones rapt.

It's baby's first adventure: the show playfully explores getting ready to go outside.

The Unicorn Theatre have created a helpful FAQ sheet with more information about the show and their facilities.

Ages: strictly 6 - 18 months and tickets are free.

Cast & Creatives

Sarah Argent & Kevin Lewis
Sarah Argent
A Unicorn production in association with Theatr Iolo

Unicorn Theatre

Tooley Street, London, United Kingdom, SE1 2HZ
020 7645 0560
Official site
Nearest tube
London Bridge: Northern (Bank branch) and Jubilee Lines. Lifts available. Use the Duke Street Hill exit at London Bridge, and follow the signs to Unicorn Theatre. Distance: approximately 400 Metres / Tower Hill: Circle & District and DLR (Tower Gateway). Follow the signs to Unicorn Theatre. Distance: approximately: 1,300 metres. (Tower Hill station does not have lifts, but Tower Gateway does.)
Nearest bus
47, RV1 (low floor, wheelchair accessible), 381. Buses to London Bridge: 17, 21, 35, 40, 43, 48, 133, 141, 149, 343, 521, 705. Buses to Tower Hill: 15, 42, 78 (low floor, wheelchair accessible).
Nearest train
London Bridge is the nearest station

There is no parking at the theatre itself, but there is an NCP car park at the junction of Snowsfields and Kipling Street nearby.

Access information

How to book
Tel:: 020 7645 0560 Fax: 020 7645 0550 Email:
Visitors with disabilities are entitled to one free ticket for their companion or PA. At this moment, these can only be booked by calling the Box Office on 020 7645 0560 or emailing Unfortunately you cannot book these tickets through our online booking service.
Limited mobility
There is a slight slope at the entrance that means that there are 5 steps at one end, but flat access at the other. There are then 2 sets of automatic doors that lead into the foyer. On the ground floor there is a Cafe, Box Office (with a low counter, and space underneath for a chair), the Clore Theatre (which has 4 wheelchair spaces), and a lift which serves all floors. On the Basement floor, there are toilets, baby changing facilities, push chair storage, and a first aid room. On the 2nd floor there is access to the stage. On the 3rd floor there is access to the stalls of the Weston Theatre, which has 5 wheelchair spaces at the back, and the front row is made up of removeable seating. On the 4th floor there is access to the Circle area, where there are a further 2 wheelchair spaces (the views from the wheelchair spaces in the Circle are slightly restricted by the safety barriers) The lift has raised numbers on the buttons, voice commentary, and simple, large print signage. Voice commentary in lift, and raised numbers on the buttons. Tactile railings on the stairs.
Access description
At the Unicorn there are two theatre spaces - the Weston Theatre and the smaller Clore Theatre. Doors into the Clore Theatre are in the foyer, next to the café area and to the left of the main staircase. The Clore Theatre seats approximately 100 people. There is no fixed seating and the layout of the theatre changes for most productions. The entrance to the Weston Theatre is on the 3rd floor which can be accessed by the lift or the stairs. The lift has voice announcements at every floor and tactile controls. Take the lift to the 3rd floor. Diagonally to your right and ahead is a slope leading to the doors to the auditorium. If you use the stairs, there are hand-rails on both sides, including a rail at a lower height for children. On the first floor is the Caryl Jenner Balcony. This is used to display exhibitions relating to the current shows. The stairs are split by the exhibition area so you have to walk across to the right to continue up the stairs. The second floor has the ladies and an accessible toilet. The men’s toilets are on the third floor. When you are on the third floor, turn immediately to your left and walk ahead. The sloping passage will be on your left. At the end of the slope are double doors into a vestibule, where the flooring changes to carpet. A second set of double doors are immediately on the right and lead into the auditorium. The doors are at the back of the auditorium and the stage is to the right. The seats are in a horseshoe shape and the rows step down towards the stage. The seating is cushioned benches in a bright blue colour. Just to the right of the door are stairs leading to the lower rows of seats. A walkway runs around the back of the auditorium to equivalent stairs on the other side. The theatre seats about 300 people. Seating is unreserved so you can pick where to sit. There are wheelchair spaces in the front and back rows. It’s a modern theatre with no theatre curtains and no proscenium arch.
Hearing impaired
There is an Infra Red Sennheiser system in both theatre spaces. There are induction loops at the Box Office, Frizzante Café and the Stage Door.
Guide dogs policy
Assistance dogs can be taken into both theatres and can be cared for during the performances. Please inform the Box Office when you book your tickets if you decide to bring your assistance dog to the theatre.
The main entrance can be accessed by a ramp in Unicorn Passage. The entrance to the Clore Theatre is on the ground floor, level access. Seating in the Clore Theatre is flexible and changes for each performance. There will always be spaces for wheelchair users and seats with level access. The entrance to the Weston Theatre is via Level 2 or 3. Both are accessed by the lift. Spaces for wheelchairs are in the front row (level access from Level 2 entrance) or back row (level access from Level 3 entrance). Companions can sit next to wheelchair space, or immediately behind / infront. You are welcome to transfer into any seat - seating is unreserved. Wheelchairs / scooters will be stored outside the auditorium and brought to you by an usher at the end of the performance and during the interval if required.
There are ladies and gents on Level Minus 1. Further ladies toilets are on Level 2 and gents on Level 3. All are accessed by the main stairs or the lift.
Disabled toilets
Separate accessible toilets are available on level -1 and level 2, acessible via lift. Grab rails, low level basin, good taps, and a long call alarm with hooks at different heights.