Video: Critics’ Circle Award winners

Reporter: Matthew Amer, first published Wed 27 Jan 2016 16:57
Denise Gough at the Critics' Circle Awards Denise Gough at the Critics' Circle Awards /servlet/file/store5/item350728/version1/fileservice770/350728_770_preview.jpg

It’s rare that awards lists receive universal agreement. There’s usually a raised eyebrow or two about a performance or production that sticks out like a saw thumb with a glow stick attached.

But this year’s Critics’ Circle Theatre Awards seem to have bucked that trend as every winner has been received with a nod of agreement or a whoop of excitement. From a four hour modern reimagining of a Greek tragedy and the story of an executioner to a tale of aging and an exploration of trying simply to survive in the modern world, the productions that have received the most acclaim in the past year all seemed to be recognised in one way or another.

The eclectic nature of the shows was beautifully reflected in the chat from their on and off stage stars, as you can see in the videos below:

Best Actress, Denise Gough (People, Places And Things) talked to us about winning, the realisation that her character existed in her own right rather than as a cipher, and pushing for equality in theatre, television and film.

Best Actor Kenneth Cranham (The Father) spoke about the universality of Florian Zeller’s play about an aging parent and the joy of taking his father on holiday in his elder years.

Best Director, Robert Icke (Oresteia) chatted about the surprising success of a play that should have been a tough sell and taking creative risks.

Howard Goodall, composer of Best Musical winner Bend It Like Beckham The Musical, on the importance of critics and his immersing himself in another culture to create a show.