Video: The Great Matilda Bake Off

Reporter: Charlotte Marshall, first published Wed 27 Jan 2016 16:52

It seems Matilda The Musical has some rather unusual initiations when new cast members join its multiple Olivier Award-winning company. Rather than putting them through their paces in the dance studio or singing scales until they drop – both of which sound more like Miss Trunchbull’s style – they get them to bake!

With the upcoming arrival of not one but three new Matildas this March, the show’s talented creative duo Tim Minchin and Dennis Kelly challenged Zaris-Angel Hator, Clare Read and Emily-May Stephenson and current Matilda Evie Hone to create a Roald Dahl-inspired cake of such chocolatey goodness we were just compelled to Google map the time it would take to do an office Konditor & Cook run…

Craige Els, Matilda The Musical’s very own Trunchbull, was on hand to oversee the Matilda bake off and find out more about the young talents.

Watch the video above to discover which Matilda would like to be a “teleportation flying person”, who can do a great impression of a pig and who gave their creation a 17 out of 10.

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