Video: The War Of The Worlds press night

Reporter: Matthew Amer, first published Fri 19 Feb 2016 16:45
David Essex at The War Of The Worlds' gala night partyDavid Essex at The War Of The Worlds' gala night party/servlet/file/store5/item354651/version1/fileservice770/354651_770_preview.jpg

With a few of the catchiest riffs in music history – we know, we’re still singing them – an alien attack craft, Liam Neeson in holographic form, and David ‘Rock On’ Essex, Jeff Wayne’s The War Of The Worlds has invaded the West End, opening at the Dominion Theatre this week.

 The light flashing, laser beam waving, fire shooting, danced-filled staging of Wayne’s multi-million copy-selling album is a production that is difficult to pigeon hole.

It features a cast, boasting Neeson, Essex, Michael Praed, Daniel Bedingfield, Heidi Range, Jimmy Nail and Madalena Alberto, plus a large ensemble, but is not musical theatre as you would normal imagine it.

It boasts an on stage orchestra with a conductor front and centre, but it’s far more than a concert.

It has more bells and whistles than a troupe of morris dancing train guards.

Intrigued by the show, we caught up with the gala night audience, cast and Mr Wayne himself. See what they said in the video above.

The War Of The Worlds plays at the Dominion Theatre until 30 April. You can book tickets through us here.