NotMoses find sons of God in London

Reporter: Charlotte Marshall, first published Tue 12 Jan 2016 11:58

Izzy Lee and Theo Mackenzie will share the lofty title of Son of God following open auditions for the unique role in the world premiere of NotMoses at the Arts Theatre this spring.

The two Londoners will have the unlikely privilege of having their voices recorded as Jesus in Gary Sinyor’s biblical comedy about a baby who is plucked from his basket by a princess only to be dumped back in the Nile when she sees a nicer little offering: Moses.

A delighted 13-year-old Lee expressed her joy at not only winning the role but also that the production chose a girl to share the role of the biblical hero, commenting: “It is going to be a great show and I’m thrilled to have been chosen to play the female voice of Jesus. I can’t wait to tell my friends – a lot of them are feminists, so this will further liven up our ongoing debates in R.S!”

Mackenzie, a 12-year-old from Kensington, was equally thrilled to hear the news, saying: "I am delighted to get the part! Sunday was really fun and I look forward to working with Gary and the cast. I found out when Mum came back early from work, which is unheard of! For the 15 minutes after she told me I was absolutely ecstatic! I can't wait for the opening night and all my friends and family coming to the show."

NotMoses announced they were on the search for a talented youngster with comic potential last year when Sinyor said the role would be awarded to “whoever is funniest”. The Leon The Pig Farmer writer described himself as “genuinely thrilled” to have discovered not only one but two stars at the open auditions, explaining: “Both Izzy and Theo stood out from the crowd with their fantastic delivery and I couldn’t choose between them so we’re going to alternate from performance to performance. We look forward to welcoming Izzy and Theo into the recording studio soon.”

The madcap comedy featuring kebabs on burning bushes and a land of cows and bees to tell the story of the disgruntled, regretted NotMoses will play at the Arts Theatre from 10 March.