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Reporter: Matthew Amer, first published Tue 29 Mar 2016 15:55

National Theatre musical is the latest London show to stage a relaxed performance. The tweaked version of the Damon Albarn musical will take place on 21 April.

The special performance, for which all tickets are £5, is aimed specifically at theatregoers with sensory and communication disorders, learning disabilities, autism, Down’s syndrome or who might otherwise feel excluded from attending a show.

For the relaxed performances alterations will be made to make the atmosphere in the auditorium less formal, with a more relaxed approach taken to noise and movement, quiet spaces will be made available in the theatre’s foyer, and small changes may be made to lighting and sound., which opened at the National’s Olivier Theatre in November, is inspired by Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, but gives Lewis Carroll’s classic a very 21st century rethinking. As Aly struggles with the pressures of teenage life she discovers, a mysterious online world where she might just be able to create a new life. But is that actually all it promises to be?

Tickets for the relaxed performance can be purchased from the National Theatre’s box office 020 7452 3961.

You can book tickets to other performances of through us here

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