Website Accessibility

Official London Theatre strives to make its website accessible to the broadest possible range of people, taking into account physical ability, browser functionality, the use of handheld devices and varying connections speeds.

Features of this site include:

Descriptive hyperlinks

All hyperlinks are compatible with commonly-used screen-readers and audio software.

Alternative image tags

Hover over an image and you will see a brief description of that image. This supports software for users who find it easier to listen to, rather than read, the content of the website.

Browser accessibility options

In addition to the accessibility features of this website, your Internet Browser (eg Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator) provides ways for you to make this website easier to read. You can change the text size, colour or font, change the background colour, or remove the images, leaving pages as text-only.

The Help facility of your Internet browser software will provide useful information on these and other accessibility options. 

Accessibility options for PDF Files

The Official London Theatre website uses PDF files for certain documents which can be read with Adobe's Acrobat Reader software. Acrobat's accessibility features are explained here: Accessibility options for Adobe Acrobat

Cross browser style sheet

This website has been designed to operate on a wide range of browsers to ensure maximum accessibility. The use of clear headings, lists, table summaries and a clean and consistent page structure make the site quick and easy to scan.


Official London Theatre welcomes your feedback and suggestions for improvements to our website. Please send your comments to

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