London Musicals

London musicals have always contributed to the broad appeal of the West End. What visit to London would be complete without a night out at a famous West End theatre watching an acclaimed show?

With theatre enjoying broad popularity, London plays are thriving and, thanks to a number of initiatives and television exposure, London musicals are also experiencing boom times.

London's main theatre district, known as Theatreland, is the traditional home of the musical. The West End area - home to some of the most famous theatre streets in the world, including Drury Lane and Shaftesbury Avenue - stages musicals for millions of visitors from all over the world each year.

The rich diversity of London musicals ensures there is something for everyone to enjoy, from popular long-running shows to exciting new productions.

Get the inside scoop on London musicals

Some London musicals have become part of the furniture in the West End, notching up continued success year after year. However, there are just as many new stories, exciting production announcements and star turns as ever before.

At Official London Theatre we keep audiences well informed about all happenings in Theatreland, and continue to support initiatives that expand the reach and enhance the public's experiences of London musicals.

We provide comprehensive production listings, star interviews, First Night Features and details of the latest London show deals to keep you up to date on all theatre news.

London musicals often have longer runs than dramatic theatre, which means you can be sure to grab a seat at one of your favourite performances. Musicals such as Les Misérables and The Phantom Of The Opera have run for thousands of performances.

Increasing TV exposure is encouraging more people to visit the theatre – and providing an exciting backdrop to the performances. As a result, London musicals are going from strength to strength.

To stay in touch with the latest news on smash-hit London musicals and upcoming performances, visit Official London Theatre regularly.

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